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IC.Azure is a PowerShell tool for automating the build and configuration of Azure virtual environments (IaaS).

IC.Azure allows administrators to automate the provisioning, configuration and maintenance of virtual environments hosted on Microsoft Azure IaaS. The tool can provision end-to-end virtual environments including virtual networks, storage accounts and virtual machines.

The tool uses a configuration file to perform each operation. The basic operations are "Add" and "Remove", which respectively provision or de-provision the Azure artifacts defined in the configuration file.

A sample configuration file is included in the download package. This configuration file represents a complete virtual environment with primary (Production) and secondary (Backup) sites. Each virtual site contains multiple types of servers (e.g. ADDS, ADFS, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, Office Web Apps Server, etc.)

In order to use IC.Azure, you need a valid Azure account with one or more active subscriptions and a machine with Azure PowerShell installed. For detailed instructions see the Prerequisites section.

To get started see the Samples section and review the 'Configuration\IC.Azure.config' configuration file included in the download package.

For additional information regarding the IC.Azure tool see the Documentation section.

The main goal of this project is to provide a reliable and repeatable configuration process. Each IC.Azure operation can be repeated multiple times, regardless of whether the previous execution has completed successfully or not. It the tool encounters an error, it simply stops and reports the exception.

Reference Implementation
The Reference Implementation represents the configuration included in the IC.Azure download package.

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