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1. Install .NET Framework 4.5, if not already present.
2. Install PowerShell 3.0, if not already present.
3. Install Azure PowerShell, using either Web Platform Installer or Windows Standalone executable.
4. Download and import a publish settings file, which contains a management certificate:
4.1. Open the Azure PowerShell console.
4.2. Type the following command:
4.3. Sign in to the Azure Management Portal using the credentials for your Azure account.
4.4. When prompted, download and save the publishing profile and note the path and name of the .publishsettings file.
4.5. Type a command similar to the following, substituting the placeholder with the path and name of the downloaded .publishsettings file:
Import-AzurePublishSettingsFile <full-file-path.publishsettings>
4.6. Delete the downloaded .publishsettings file, if you are no longer planning to use it.
4.7. Repeat steps from 4.1. to 4.6. for each Azure account with separate subscriptions, which you plan to use with IC.Azure.
5. Install Azure SDK for .NET, only if you plan to use any of the Snapshot operations.

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